World's Fair Park Attractions

A place to gather or go it alone...

Acres of lawn, cascading waterfalls, placid streams, and many more gifts of natural beauty create an inviting environment for festivals, performances, meetings, conferences, or a quiet moment for personal reflection.


Focus on Waters

Focus On Waters

With everything from interactive fountains to a one-story-high geyser, the new World’s Fair Park contains some of the most innovative and exciting water features to be found anywhere around. Echoing the wide variety of natural waters in our area, the man-made lakes, streams and cascading waterfalls add visual interest, auditory pleasure, and important focal points to an impressive and highly functional landscape design.

Court of Flags Fountains

We hope you enjoy the Court of Flags Fountain and the many other features of the Park. We only ask that you play safely and help us keep World's Fair Park clean.

Birthday Parties are popular at the fountains during the warm months and are welcome anytime. If you would like to host a birthday party at the fountains, click here for Fountain Birthday Party Information and submit it to the contact information on the form.

The fountain is a very complex water feature that sometimes requires it be shut down for maintenance. While we try to keep this down time to a minimum, we have experienced mechanical issues with the pumps that make this necessary.

For all other questions pertaining to World's Fair Park, please Contact Us to contact Dorissa Simpson in the World's Fair Park & Volunteer Landing Event Office.


Performance Lawn

Greater in size than two football fields, the Performance Lawn is a carefully maintained open area providing a natural amphitheater-like setting perfect for concerts, festivals, parties and other special events. The south end of the Lawn features an acre of reinforced turf, which will support portable stages, motor vehicle traffic and concertgoers. The venue is encircled by a fence and has three gates affording controlled access into the site. Electricity and water are readily accessible to meet the needs of event planners. Ample restroom facilities are located nearby. The Performance Lawn is available for special events. For more information on how to lease the space, please visit the Event & Amenities page.

Festival Lawn

Two acres of special turf designed to withstand a large crowd, the Festival Lawn can accommodate a variety of events. This multi-purpose and carefully manicured lawn is centrally located within the park and is a favorite location for festival promoters. The Festival Lawn is bordered on the west by native plantings and to the east by a tree lined plaza. The Court of Flags Fountain is located on the northern end of the lawn. The Festival Lawn is easily accessed from World’s Fair Park Drive and can be secured for ticketed events. Electricity and water are readily available for use by event planners. Two large restroom facilities are located nearby. The Festival Lawn is available for special events. For more information on how to lease the space, please visit the Event & Amenities page.

Horticultural Features

The landscape of World’s Fair Park underscores Knoxville’s regional position near the Great Smoky Mountains and includes plants that are emblematic of Knoxville. In every season plantings offer a variety of color, form and character. Evergreen trees and shrubs display varied textures and shades of green in winter. Spring comes alive in the park with such blooming favorites as Dogwood, Redbud, Rhododendron, Azalea and Forsythia. In summer there are opportunities to enjoy the sun or rest in the shade of the trees. In autumn the park is aglow with red, yellow, and orange foliage.


Walks through the World's Fair Park


The HGTV Walk is located immediately north of the Court of Flags Fountain and serves as the north entry to the park. The walk, donated by Home & Garden Network to commemorate its tenth anniversary in Knoxville, consists of dual paths leading through an assortment of flowers, shrubs and trees, providing a setting where people can stroll casually. Benches are provided, to allow visitors to rest in a relaxed atmosphere and observe the features of the area. This site will serve as the home of the annual Talahi Garden Plant Sale sponsored by the Knoxville Garden Club.

Sergei Rachmaninoff Walk

The Rachmaninoff Statue is the focus of this walk, which commemorates the composer/performer’s last public performance held at the University of Tennessee on February 17, 1943. The statue is a bronze casting sculpted by Russian artist, Victor Bokarev. Featuring a semi-circle of Tennessee marble clad benches; visitors can observe the statue in a relaxed setting against a background of rhododendron and hemlock. The statue was provided by contributions from local donors and the City of Knoxville.

Lawn and Water Walks

Paved, handicapped accessible walkways are provided throughout the park, allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The walks continue in and around the Festival and Performance Lawns, the stream, and the lake. They provide a north-south greenway to connect the park to the riverfront. Joggers, walkers or the casual stroller can enjoy the scenery and water features throughout the park from the walks.